Coaching is an investment in yourself, and an accelerator of your own success. We will help you set & achieve your goals, and also empower you to continue succeeding in the long run.


The process begins by defining goals that set you up for success. We will draw upon the latest research to get your goals beyond SMART, and to ensure they are meaningful and motivating to you. From there, we will create a coaching program that is tailored to your individual situation and desired outcomes.

Coaching typically consists of two sessions per month, lasting about one hour each. Both frequency and duration of sessions can be customized to best suit your needs. Depending on your location and preferences, we can meet in person, or over the phone or video conferencing.

Additional support may happen in between sessions in the form of instant message, email, phone or video conversations. For example, we might send you an article for your consideration, or you might ask us a question about the action items we defined together in your last session.


The goals for coaching are entirely yours, customized for each coaching client. Some of the challenges we’ve helped clients tackle in the past include:

  • Setting C.L.E.A.R.(™) goals that align to your ideals, including (but not limited to):
  • Academic mapping
  • Career readiness & preparation
  • Basic financial literacy
  • General resilience skills.
  • Identifying and overcoming the obstacles on the way toward those goals.
  • Financial literacy for youth, young adults, and professionals.
  • Discovering and leveraging your strengths.