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We seek to help youth, young adults, and professionals make successful transitions and be prepared for life. See below for the clients we serve and a sampling of the organizations we’ve worked with.



Our children face unprecedented obstacles. Many deal with unconscionable living conditions rife with poverty and crime, broken homes, food insecurity, educational inequality, and many other social ills, to say nothing of their own issues with conflict resolution, anger, self esteem and self actualization. At The Firm we aim to ensure holistic development and achievement as they navigate through the varying phases of education, career, and life development. Whether creating awareness of self-defeating academic, social, and athletic behaviors, or demonstrating what’s possible when creating your own H.E.R.D.(c) (Hope, Excellence, Resilience, and (good)Decision making), we strive to bring you the best in effective training, program development, and keynotes.

Donna Liu
Jacqueline Garcia
Donna Manalad
Todd Qillaq


At The Firm we recognize a college education is critical in increasing one’s prospects for career manifestation, economic prosperity, and preparation for life. We tackle a broad range of developmental issues from making the transition academically and socially, transitioning from old environments to new environments, decision making as it relates to cultivating growth in a positive direction, social networking etiquette, image protection, keeping a stable environment, peer influence and public perception. The Firm is committed to assisting your students and organization in understanding their Purpose, creating a Plan, getting Prepared, and realizing their Potential.

Emily Smith
Janet Turner
William Alexander
Bonnie Price


The Firm is committed to helping your company outperform, outsell, and outlast the competition through coaching and training sessions that will show your team how to develop self awareness and emotional strength. These skills will enable them to become more resilient, effectively deal with ever changing business environments, and ultimately lead to increased productivity through more engaged and happy employees.

Joshua Mitchell
Donna Mitchell
John Green
Gloria Ojeda